British & English Copper Coin collecting

GEORGE II Halfpenny 1733 Dritannia just about with defective R & 3`s in date & a thin flan.

Thin flan which is quite rare in its self for this issue as normally there quite consistent, it probably would have weighed one full gram more when struck. Not the best of examples but problem free at least. In my opinion many of these 1733 defective 3`s in date were recycled and went back into service re-punched and re-vamped causing the many 1734 datal varieties we collect today.

The 1734 issue with Dritannia and datal over dates like 34 over 33 is a fascinating year to study, its absorbing and frustrating sometimes, but most of all a challenge to understand a brilliant coinage and how the mint worked. Halfpenny grades a problem free fair.