British & English Copper Coin collecting

GEORGE II Halfpenny 1734 4 over 4 over 3 over Roman I

In my opinion this coin andĀ GIIH342, thats Nicholson number 228 & BMC number 846 could possibly be the rarest types to acquire. BMC number 846 is still a mystery as to exactly what? we only know it was 4 over 3 and there are six + possible candidates is this collection alone which could be BMC 846. This coin was sold to me as 3 over 4 BMC number 846 and no mention of the other numerals in the date, i knew exactly what is was i just needed it for this collection. Coins like this and other examples which are genuinely rare should never be dismissed on grade as its quite probable your never see one again thus leaving a hole in your collection permanently.

I have made quite an interest in this halfpenny date along with 1736 halfpenny & 1736 farthing, i have searched high and low for these three denominations in a personal quest to further my collection and many examples in this collection are attributed to that. All specimens from those searches will grow further in time helping my self and others in a better understanding of coins. An extremely rare coin in any grade, this halfpenny grades fine with good metal surfaces.