British & English Copper Coin collecting

George II Halfpenny 1734 4 over 3 over possibly some sort of Roman one

A good clear close up of the 4 over 3 over orĀ  possibly a Roman I or obliteration from a chisel.

This find was quite exciting as its a new type of 4 over 3 ive not seen before, under close examination the Roman I in the date is made up of lots of tiny lines resembling chisel lines indicating there was some kind of attempt to obliterate a three or some other number.

Its quite likely that mine and Doctor Nicholson`s references as to 4 over 3 over 0` ( zero ) are just the serifs on the 4 splitting then joining the under number in this case a 3 making a perfect circular shape. If one draws on paper in the above order it becomes quite feasible, the letter E serifs often do this then some bright boy try`s to sell the piece as B over E i can guarantee it.

Halfpenny grades nearly very fine and is of good problem free metal.