British & English Copper Coin collecting

GEORGE II Halfpenny 1734 4 over higher 4 over Roman I ?

The under 4 is so high it must have touched the higher line of the exergue as for the Roman one i cant be certain on this example but its often reliably there and i honestly have a strong feeling that there is a number 3 there as well so if a better examples turns up which it will it should read 4 over higher 4 over 3 over Roman I as it shares similarities with Dr Nicholson number 228 and BMC  number 846. Also this example shows near identical characteristics with GIIH345, GIIH346, GIIH347 ( Reverse only ) only the B & R look different, but as the R on GIIH345, GIIH346, GIIH347 is defective and the B is a D they may well have been from the same die before the die was re-touched or punched to resume service. Certainly a rare coin and another anomaly for future talks and debates, Halfpenny grades reverse good fair / obverse fair.