British & English Copper Coin collecting

GEORGE II Halfpenny 1734 V over V in Georgivs maybe Dritannia

This maybe an important halfpenny because the D over B or inverted B over B in Britannia may well be a defective punch which started degrading in 1733 ( there is one Dritannia on that year in this collection ) used often and accidentally in 1734 and again in 1735 ( there is one example of that year in this collection ) just once then destroyed for good. As for the I over R ? its known that other letter punches are some times used to improve a poor letter punch ie E over R 1856 farthing, I over E 1739 farthing. As for the R it self the vertical straight up right part is the only decent standard part of it the rest is erratic and lost its natural standard shape. The V is conclusive and oddly does exist on the same year farthing 1734, halfpenny grades nearly very fine.