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Ann Farthing Patterns only

Ann Farthing Patterns only

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Queen Ann Name: Queen Anne
Full Name: Anne Stuart
Born: February 6, 1665 at St. James Palace, London
Parents: James II and Anne Hyde
Relation to Elizabeth II: 2nd cousin 8 times removed
House of: Stuart
Ascended to the throne: March 8, 1702 aged 37 years
Crowned: April 23, 1702 at Westminster Abbey
Married: George, son of Frederick III of Denmark
Children: Eighteen, including miscarriages and still-born, of whom only one William survived to age of 11
Died: August 1, 1714 at Kensington Palace , aged 49 years, 5 months, and 22 days
Buried at: Westminster
Reigned for: 12 years, 4 months, and 24 days
Succeeded by: her 3rd cousin George of Hanover

Anne was the second daughter of James, Duke of York, who became James II, and his first wife, Anne Hyde, daughter of Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon. Anne and her elder sister Mary received a Protestant upbringing although their father James converted to Catholicism and remarried. In 1683 Anne married Prince George of Denmark (1653–1708). She had between 16 and 18 pregnancies but only one child survived – William, Duke of Gloucester who died aged 11 of smallpox in 1700.

Towards the end of her life, Anne suffered from gout and she could hardly walk. On her death in 1714 her body had swollen so large that she was buried in an almost square coffin. On the question of succession, Anne’s family loyalty had convinced her that this should fall to her father’s son by his second wife (Mary of Modena), James Edward Stuart, known as the Old Pretender. However, the Act of Settlement in 1701 ensured Protestant succession to the throne, and Anne was succeeded by George I, great-grandson of James I.


Sadly there are so many patterns of Ann that one would have to loaded to acquire them all so its just the standard coin to list..



QAF01 Queen Ann Farthing 1713 BRITANNIA continues over Head. Farthing weighs 3.79 grams & about 24 mm in size.

Certainly struck in the normal way but does show signs of casting.

Perfectly round as most patterns are, interestingly enough this example is from the same die as  Silver BMC 746. Large flan. 4+B. & Colin Cooke Number 484.

Colin’s collection was probably the best in the world , that must have been an incredible feeling and achievement to have acquired a collection that brilliant and sort after by collectors

Farthing grades nearly uncirculated /  practically uncirculated with a medium tan tone.