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Name: King Charles II Born: May 29, 1630 at St. James Palace                                                                                                                                                                                                    King-charles-ii-king-charles-ii-25010100-333-400


Parents: Charles I and Henrietta Maria
Relation to Elizabeth II: 1st cousin 9 times removed
House of: Stuart
Ascended to the throne: May 29, 1660 aged 30 years
Crowned: April 23, 1661 at Westminster Abbey, and at Scone as King of Scots, 1 January 1651
Married: Catherine of Braganza
Children: Three children who died in infancy, and about 17 illegitimate children by at least 8 different mistresses
Died: February 6, 1685 at Whitehall Palace, London, aged 54 years, 8 months, and 10 days
Buried at: Westminster
Reigned for: 24 years, 8 months, and 9 days
Succeeded by: his brother James II

Charles II was born in St James’s Palace, London. During the Civil War he lived with his father in Oxford 1642–45, and after the victory of Cromwell’s Parliamentary forces he was in exile in France. In April 1660 Charles issued the Declaration of Breda, promising a general amnesty and freedom of conscience. Parliament accepted the Declaration and he was proclaimed King on 8 May 1660. Charles landed at Dover on 26 May 1660, and entered London three days later. He was crowned at Westminster on 23 April 1661. Charles died in 1685, and was received into the Roman Catholic Church on his deathbed. He was succeeded by his brother James II.

Weight and size tolerance are 10.0 – 12.0 grams & 28 – 31 mm Rev alignment is down. Any coin out of these tolerances would be considered desirable, significantly out of these tolerances would be extremely desirable.



1673 Halfpenny



CIIH73.  Charles II Halfpenny 1673  Good example of the pink copper blanks that were imported from Sweden. Halfpenny weighs 10.12 grams & 29mm in size. Very Scarce and quite rare in high grades, halfpenny grades bold good fine.



CIIH731.  Charles II halfpenny 1673 B over lower B  Halfpenny weighs 10.95 grams & 29mm in size, halfpenny grades fair.



CIIH732.  Charles II Halfpenny 1673 No stop reverse Halfpenny weighs 11.47 grams & 28.5 mm in size, quite possibly would have weigh over the maximum 12 grams when struck.  A very rare halfpenny with a clip mark from when the blank was snipped free from a sheet of copper after failing to cut clean in Sweden. Halfpenny grades nearly fine with good clean surfaces.



CIIH733.  Charles II Halfpenny 1673 smaller date than normal Halfpenny weighs 11.15 grams & almost 29 mm in size. The dates were always small but this seems that bit smaller, a detecting find no doubt which grades very fine with surface issues.




1675 Halfpenny



CIIH75.  Charles II halfpenny 1675  5 over 3 maybe R over B in CAROLOVS.A  Rare in high grades halfpenny weighs 9.75 grams. Nearly fair condition but dented.




CIIH75.  Charles II halfpenny 1675  No stops obverse  Halfpenny weighs 10.34 grams & 29mm in size. Very rare and extremely rare in higher grades. Coin grades fair.




CIIH75A.  Charles II halfpenny 1675 No stops Obverse Halfpenny weighs 9.95 & 29.5 mm in size. Nice colour and typical of this issue. Halfpenny grades just fair but its problem free with the missing stops most clear.




CIIH75  Charles II halfpenny 1675 standard issue   Halfpenny weighs 10.52 grams & 28.5mm in size. A well struck piece with a porous flan and quite rare in higher grades, this coin grades very fine.