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Henry Pierce Bone, George IV, 1840

Name: King George IV
Full Name: George Augustus Frederick
Born: August 12, 1762 at St. James Palace
Parents: George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Relation to Elizabeth II: 3rd great-granduncle
House of: Hanover
Ascended to the throne: January 29, 1820 aged 57 years
Crowned: July 19, 1821 at Westminster Abbey
Married: Caroline, daughter of Duke of Brunswick
Children: One daughter,and at least two illegitimate children
Died: June 26, 1830 at Windsor Castle, aged 67 years, 10 months, and 12 days
Buried at: Windsor
Reigned for: 10 years, 4 months, and 26 days
Succeeded by: his brother William IV

George IV as Prince of Wales was Regent from 1810 to 1820 during his father’s period of insanity he became King George IV on the death of his father in 1820. His heavy drinking, indulgent lifestyle and taste for huge amounts of food made him obese, and he became an unpopular figure of ridicule when he appeared in public. He suffered from gout and towards the end of his life became mentally unstable. He died of a heart attack at Windsor Castle in 1830. Most peoples first encounter or memory of George IV was at primary school with a play ground song ! Georgy porgy pudding and pie kissed the girls and made them cry.



Engraver William Wyon

weight 9.1-9.5 grams & size is 28mm alignment is down, these coins are considered as modern and rarely stray from there size and weight criteria.

Grade ! People will say there views of what to buy but at the end of the day its the collectors choice so please buy what your happy with and can live with. There are a fair few collectors who will not entertain any coin unless its at least Extremely fine or in a plastic box with a hologram on, i assume there are many holes in there collection unless of course there well of. My advise is to buy the best you can afford! or if you cant live with it then dont buy it..

The George IV halfpenny series was a short one with only three dates the only error i can think of is the 1826 Roman one in date which is rarely seen any wear for sale but they do turn up from time to time normally in fair to fine condition and sell for £120-£140. So for continuity i just listed the three i have..



GIVH25. George IV 1825 Halfpenny normal issue  Halfpenny weighs 9.43 grams & 27.75 mm in size, quite a rare halfpenny and most desirable in a higher grade. Halfpenny grades about good very fine and quite rare in higher grades.




GIVH26. George IV 1826 Halfpenny normal issue  Halfpenny weighs 9.58 grams & 27.75 mm Seen in size, this date is the most common date but there’s shield varieties.  This type is reverse A with two incuse lines down the arms of the saltier. Halfpenny grades nearly uncirculated.




GIV26A. George IV 1826 Halfpenny Roman I in date. Halfpenny weighs 8.77 grams & 27.75 mm in size, extremely rare in any grade and seldom seen for sale. Halfpenny grades fine and is the 3rd example i have seen since 1980.




GIV26B. George IV 1826 Halfpenny Roman I in date. Halfpenny weighs 8.67 grams & 27.75 mm in size, extremely rare in any grade and seldom seen for sale. Halfpenny grades fair with some reverse edge nicks as if it were held in a clasp and is the 4th example i have seen since 1980.




GIV261. George IV 1826 Halfpenny Reverse B Halfpenny weighs 9.43 grams & 27.5 mm in size. Quite rare in high grades, for those who don’t understand where to look, its the Scottish Cross ( or X ) underneath the English Cross on Britannia`s shield. Halfpenny grades nearly extremely fine with an attractive chestnut tone.




GIVH27. George IV 1827 Halfpenny normal issue  Halfpenny weighs 9.46 grams & 28 mm in size, halfpenny grades extremely fine or better and is very scarce in higher grades.