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Name: King William III and Queen Mary II
Full Name: William Henry Stuart
Born: November 14, 1650 at William: The Hague, Netherlands; Mary: St James Palace, London
Parents: William: William II of Orange and Mary Stuart; Mary: James II and Anne Hyde
Relation to Elizabeth II: 2nd cousin 8 times removed
House of: Orange
Ascended to the throne: February 13, 1689 aged 38 years
Crowned: April 11, 1689 at Westminster Abbey, when William was 38 and Mary was 26
Married: William married Mary, daughter of James II
Children: Three stillborn
Died: March 8, 1702 at Kensington Palace (William), aged 51 years, 3 months, and 21 days
Buried at: Westminster
Reigned for: 13 years, and 21 days
Succeeded by: Mary's sister Anne

William & Mary coinage.

William & Mary Halfpennies  were minted for just one year as the queen died of small pox in 1694, they share the same Britannia reverse, legends and date position as Charles II. There are no rare dates for this issue except the 1689 tin Halfpenny obverse 2 & reverse 1 and as i understand there are very few in existence, but there are plenty of mint mistakes or errors on the 1694 copper issue, some dramatic some not. The portraits of the monarchs was engraved by James or Norbert Roettier the sons of John Roettier who engraved the dies for the Charles II farthing & Halfpenny.

Popular and well know varieties have long been cataloged, often listed are the same old types at excessively high prices they never sell for in the real world, so finding new types is not that hard. So when looking to buy coins in the future remember many new age plastic auction or incompetent dealers will be looking at the very above catalogs looking for the classics well known examples.

Look though every legend letter and date numeral keeping an open mind and logic should prevail, if your there in person feel the size and weight in your hand, ! always carry a glass ! even if left in the glove box. It does pay off  when looking for coins that don’t exist.

This entire series of coinage including the Farthing was minted by contractors and every attempt to save money to make them self’s money was put into place, faulty blanks which were cast and not rolled, illiterate and foreign illiterate workers were employed to do the work of skilled Royal mint workers along with producing & preparing working dies. All these above factors and more simply for profit ( sounds like privatization ) gave us one of the worse made coinages in British and English history but a collectors dream.

Weight and size tolerance are 8.9 – 11.5 grams & 28-29 mm Rev alignment is down. Any coin out of these tolerances would be considered desirable, significantly out of these tolerances would be extremely desirable.



1694 Halfpenny



W&MH94.  William & Mary 1694   No stops after ET & MARIA also unbarred A`s in MARIA   Halfpenny weighs 9.56 grams  & 28mm in size. Unbarred A `s in MARIA was present in the DR Nicholson collection but not with no stops after ET & MARIA. No doubt a very rare coin possibly extremely rare as i have only seen one example with no stops as well as unbarred A`s. Halfpenny grades reverse fair / obverse good fair.






W&MH941.  William & Mary 1694   Thin flan  Halfpenny weighs 7.77 grams & 28 mm in size There is no room for a date as the exergue is to low. Theirs also a curious L`s in GVLIELMVS along with a thin flan. Thin flans are quite rare on all issues of half penny this one grades reverse fine / obverse good fine with granular surfaces.






W&MH942.  William & Mary 1694  Large flan & mis-strike  Halfpenny weighs 10.40 grams & 30 mm in size with some double struck areas on the obverse. Large flan coins are quite rare and often collectors will pay a premium to acquire a nice example.  Halfpenny grades about fine.






W&MH943.  William & Mary 1694  M over V in GVLIELMVS   I can find no references anywhere which leads me to believe this halfpenny to be excessively rare. This error is very clear and in my opinion 100% genuine. Its unlikely to be the only example and has probably been missed by collectors over the years.

Halfpenny weighs 9.19 grams & 28 mm in size, halfpenny grades reverse fine / obverse good fine.





W&MH943A. William & Mary 1694 M over V in GVLIELMVS  Halfpenny weighs 8.55 grams & 28.75 mm in size Certainly not mention in the archives with know mention in any references anywhere.

This particular coin has a different reverse than the above example but which of them is the rarest i have know idea. Halfpenny grades obverse nearly fine / reverse fair with enough detail present to decipher the difference, mainly the first A N are higher.






W&MH944. William & Mary 1694  Thin flan  Halfpenny weighs 7.09 grams &  27.5mm in size & 0.75 mm thick. Thin flan coins are quite rare and rarer still if exceptionally thin, halfpenny grades practically fine.






W&MH945.  William & Mary 1694  No stop reverse and Thick flan  Halfpenny weighs 11.64 grams & 28.5 in size & 2 mm thick. Very rare and similar to Dr Nicholson number 054. A nice example which grades a strong fine.






W&MH946.  William & Mary 1694  L for E in GVLIELMVS and missing exergue Halfpenny weighs 10.62 grams & 28 mm in size This coin is absent in the Dr Nicholson collection Extremely rare and seldom seen for sale Halfpenny grades very fine quite possibly better but with porosity.






W&MH946A. William & Mary 1694 L for E in GVLIELMVS/ GVLILLMVS also missing exergue.  Halfpenny weighs 10.22 grams & 28 mm in size This coin is absent in the Dr Nicholson collection, extremely rare and seldom seen for sale. This reverse is different than the above example even though it shares the absence of an exergue. Halfpenny grades really good fine.






W&MH947.  William & Mary 1694  Missing L in GVLIELMVS says GVLIEMVS  Halfpenny weighs 9.29 grams & 28.5mm in size. Dr Nicholson number 051 & BMC number 603. An extremely rare halfpenny in any grade this example grades fine.





W&MH947.  William & Mary 1694  IE over EI in GVLIELMVS  Halfpenny weighs 9.57 grams & 28.5mm in size. Nicholson number 050 An extremely rare halfpenny and seldom seen for sale. This example grades reverse fair / obverse about fine.






W&MH948.  William & Mary 1694  First A unbarred in MARIA ? Halfpenny weighs 10.06 grams & 28.5mm in size. This coin is the first William & Mary halfpenny i ever brought back in the day. Halfpenny grades very fine.






W&MH949.  William & Mary 1694 ragged edge when minted with strange E`s  Halfpenny weighs 9.47 grams & 28mm in size and grades very fine.






W&MH9410. William & Mary 1694  Unbarred A`s in MARIA  Halfpenny weighs 10.55 grams & 28mm in size A rare coin and very rare in higher grades though not as rare as it farthing equivalent.   Halfpenny grades fine or slightly better.






W&MH9411. William & Mary 1694 First L over E in GVLIELMVS  Halfpenny weighs 10.37 grams and 28.5 mm in size, needs a clearer example to be sure but looks very possible to be correct. Halfpenny grades about a problem free good fine.






W&MH9411. William & Mary 1694 No exergue Heavy flan L over lower L in GVLIELMVS Halfpenny weighs 11.42 grams & 28.5  mm in size. A little on the heavy side with no sign of an exergue, halfpenny has been struck from a cast blank as there’s some porosity due to air in the cast blank. Halfpenny grades very fine and missing or worn exergue`s are seldom seen and are very rare.






W&MH9412. William & Mary 1694 Unbarred A`s in MARIA & first A in BRITANNIA. Halfpenny weighs 11.01 grams & 28.5 mm in size. Rare but not as rare as the farthing equivalent. Halfpenny grades reverse fine/ obverse good fine or slightly better.






W&MH9413. William & Mary 1694 Thin Flan with date running though exergue Halfpenny weighs 7.57 grams & 27.5 mm in size. Any thin flan halfpenny is rare especially in high grades. Halfpenny grades a problem free fair.






W&MH9414. William & Mary 1694 Larger & heavier flan Halfpenny weighs 12.73 grams & 29.5 mm in size. Other than its size & weight this halfpenny also has a tiny date, large & or heavy flan coins are very popular with collectors they even come heavier & larger than this example. Halfpenny grades a problem free fine or slightly better.






W&MH9415. William & Mary 1694 I over L in GVLIELMVS Halfpenny weighs 10.31 grams & 28 mm in size. This halfpenny is probably genuine though the grades is poor a better example would be needed to confirm this over letter. One thing is sure it must of weighed far more when struck.





W&MH9416. William & Mary 1694 I over A in BRITANNIA Halfpenny weighs 9.95 grams & 28.5 mm in size. Not an easy coin to find especially in a problem free state. Very few slip the net and the A over I is always spotted, thus its impossible to acquire an example for a song. Halfpenny grades a problem free good fair.





W&MH9417. William & Mary 1694 No stop reverse different A chisel strokes in BRITANNIA Halfpenny weighs 9.96 grams & 29 mm in size. No stop reverse does look genuine and theirs definitely no sign of ghosting. Odd thing though the A`s in Britannia are different from each other as the last A has its bar lower with its legs snipped so as to tapper them, but the first A has a higher bar and completely flat legs.

Alignment is out by about 5-8 %, nice coin with a medium to dark tone which grades obverse fine or better / reverse good fine.





W&MH9417. William & Mary 1694 Super heavy flan of 13.65 grams Size is 28.5 mm. I did Indeed have to pay top dollar for this halfpenny but is was to good`er opportunity to miss. Very rare and heavier than Doctor Nicholson 044, the heaviest example ive heard of is 15.02 grams.

There is thought to be a heavy weight pair in existence of Halfpenny & Farthing respectively of weight & size. I do in this scruffy old collection have a farthing which weighs over 9 grams & grades just fair which must have weighed 10 grams plus when struck. Halfpenny grades reverse fine / obverse good fine..





W&MH9417. William & Mary 1694 Very thin flan of 7.11 grams & 28 mm in size. Rare indeed and know doubt it weighed a little more when struck, probably around 8.5 grams as an estimate. Coin has a very low bar on the first A of Britannia. A desirable thin flan halfpenny which grades a problem free nearly fine.





W&MH9418. William & Mary 1694 Double struck Halfpenny Halfpenny weighs 10.06 grams & 28.5 mm in size. Quite a nice one with good metal surfaces which grades bold good fine +.





W&MH9418. William and Mary 1694 Crammed in reverse legend . Halfpenny weighs 8.29 grams & 27.5 mm in size.  Quite and odd one a possibly the first ive seen. Halfpenny grades reverse fine + obverse nearly very fine with poor surfaces.





W&MH9419. William & Mary 1694 Reverse legend says RITANNIA missing B  Halfpenny weighs 10.75 grams & 28.5 mm in size. Quite a weighty coin which is almost certainly from a cast flan.

Its more than likely the B was once present as there is room for it but to find and coin with a letter missing ( no trace ) is quite rare and seldom happens.

Cast flans were favored over rolled blank sheets of copper as cast flans were always softer which went easier on the dies making them last longer, it was of course against the rules of the contract which was initially a long run of some years. Sadly the Queen died of smallpox on 28 December 1694 leaving William to rule alone, another contract had to be arranged for Now William III which was to be the worse copper coinage in English & British history. But a collectors dream.