British & English Copper Coin collecting

VICTORIA 1853 Farthing incurse WW with inverted A over V in Victoria


An excessively rare coin in any grade. Notice the die flaws as this is essential to remember when hunting for the piece. I have seen this exact coin before the inverted A was entered, the dealer ! unaware of this information was selling the uncirculated farthing at £160.00 using the incurse WW to justify the price. This was the original coin before it was strengthened with re-punching, s the die flaws are at there smallest and harder to see.  Alas i could not part with £160 to present this connection, though i shall one day acquire the piece from somewhere.

It was some years ago when i saw this farthing for the first time, the die flaws were so advanced it was difficult to say if the piece was genuine as the die flaw now longer and thicker ran straight threw the A consuming the bar as part og the flaw. Farthing grades nearly extremely fine