British & English Copper Coin collecting

VICTORIA Farthing 1847 Inverted 1 over 1 ( Roman one in date I )

The 1 and 8 have definitely been re-struck on this die and that’s when the inverted 1 was entered. If the re-striking process had been the other way around ie the inverted 1 entered first when the die was made it would look more like ( plus die and coin wear ) a traditional¬† roman 1 we see from time to time.

I have seen a close up of this date before on the internet but never the entire obverse picture, possibly it was worn to badly or the owner was not happy to show all for what ever reason. For all sense and purposes i have listed this as 1847 inverted 1 in date with roman I in brackets next to it, but is quite likely over time that roman one will be entered in future collections or reference books.

This coin grades reverse nearly very fine / obverse very fine.