British & English Copper Coin collecting

WILLIAM III Farthing 1699 Date in legend no stop before date.

1699 Date in legend no stop before date, i personally think that often enough the person who prepared this die had know idea there should be stops and that goes for most coins of this series. Cheap labor and an illiterate work force to save money to make money for the contractors eventually took its toll on this fascinating coinage.

It must be very hard for beginners or inexperienced collectors when dealers sell standard 1699 farthings with the date in the legend SAYING RARE VARIETY NO STOP AFTER DATE when all these farthings have no stop after there date, and that`s how easy it is to write something if you believe something to be true as surely these sellers aren`t out to make profit are they ?.   A stop before and after the date like the 1698 farthing, now that really would be something.

Cooke number 527 & BMC number 683. An extremely rare coin in any grade, This farthing grades good fair with absent stops very clear..