British & English Copper Coin collecting

William III Farthing 1700 E over I & R over B in TERTIVS small `s` in TERTIVS & GVLIELMVS


It can become very difficult and vastly time consuming to categories this 1700 date as many look so similar. This example has not yet developed the die flaw on the right hand side of the T so its probably an earlier strike before the T was re-struck which may have caused damage to the die at bit later on in its life.
When this farthing is held at a slight angle its easy to see the under letter which is an E in TERTIVS as the middle horizontal stick can be seen clearly attached to it with a second letter on top an I. The letter I does have its horizontal top much reduced or even missing, but so do the two other I`s on this obverse being the I in GVLIELMVS & TERTIVS both have there horizontal tops missing or much reduced.
And lastly its almost certain the the E in GVLIELMVS is also under an I as well, the only difference between the two E`s is the first E in GVLIELMVS has its top and bottom horizontal sticks joining up with the middle which can be seen sometimes on 1694 Farthings & Halfpennies which inexperience dealers try to pass for a B thus reading GVLIBLMVS BT TBRTIVS.
Its a funny old world, but with enough clear examples at various stages of die wear eventually its sometimes possible to get to the truth that lies beneath. This farthing grades a problem free fine.