British & English Copper Coin collecting

WILLIAM III Farthing 1700 E over I ? & R over B in TERTIVS small s in TERTIVS & GVLIELMVS


Its quite possible the date looked different at some point as the last 0 in date has been re-punched, this can be seen better on W3F001 in this collection, the first 0 is lower making the original 00 in date almost level with the last 0 just a smidgen higher possibly 0 over side ways 0, i honestly can not remember seeing that many. E over I ? & R over B in TERTIVS  and not R over E as suggested by Colin Cooke, though his never had a developed die flaw which may be of significance but unlikely as the lower B bulge can be seen clearly.

Its more likely I over E as on this example the broken stem does reveal the under letter which is an E, this is not apparent on the E in GVLIELMVS other wise both E`s look the same. Though im not entirely sure if its genuine at all as its very possible the E punch was defective and an attempt to improve the die with an I punch, which is more than likely out come and a very similar story to these farthings E over R 1856, I over E in REX 1739, strengthening a defective letter.

This is also the case with the E in GVLIELMVS though its does look a little thinner. Cooke example 521 and very few seen possibly about 7-8. Until a perfect example is found with a conclusive out come this is all we have ?.